Interview answered by Tommy Carlsson lead vocals & bass guitar, Frankley Everlong

February 12, 2019

1) How did Frankley Everlong begin? Is there a particular meaning to the band name?

It all stared one day when the idea of starting a punk band popped up in my (Tommy) head, and the band should be called Frankley Everlong. So there is no particular meaning to the band name, I though it sounded cool so I just sent a message to my friend Stefan (former bass player) and ask if we should start a punk band and he just replied “Yes!”, and then it all began.

2) Even though you state that you don’t want to imitate any other band, do you unconsciously get inspired by some bands or artists?

Yeah sure, if it wasn’t for music we wouldn’t be a band right? But bands that made me want to start Frankley Everlong and play that type of music we do is Ladytron, the Michale Graves era of Misfits, The Crimson Ghost, Alkaline Trio and one of my favorite albums by Marilyn Manson “Mechanical Animals”, Rush is also a band that is very inspiring.

3) Do you write the lyrics or the melody first?

Always the melody first, I write the melodies first on keyboard and then I try to fit in words to the melodies. Writing melodies isn’t anything that I have a hard time to do, but I always struggle with the lyrics. So I think it comes natural to me to do the melodies first because I find It easier.

4) Who is the writer of the lyrics?

I (Tommy) write the lyrics.

5) What do you think of the current punk rock scene in Europe and the rest of the world?

I think there is a few bands that to me, stands out and are carrying the torch. I think that Anti Flag is a very important band to the punk rock scene with their politically charged lyrics and activism, human rights and so on, VERY important band, they just punch you in the face, I love it! Alkaline Trio´s latest album “Is this thing cursed” is a masterpiece! Mean Jeans is also an awesome punk rock band, I think that the jingles they wrote to different companies is the funniest thing ever! And of course, Bad Religion still deliver fantastic punk music. And Michale Graves still recording and touring, he is just amazing!

6)Are you going on tour to promote Till the Dance Do Us Part?

We are planning out touring right now, so we hope to get 5 million gigs so we can spread the love!

7)Would you like to play in our country (Italy)?

Of course! I played in Italy with one of my former bands like 10 years ago and Italy stuck with me, so that would be freaking awesome! There was something special with Italy that just got a hold of me.

8) Which are your plans for the future?

We will continue to promote our latest album “Till the dance do us part” and play shows. Spreading the word about Frankley Everlong in every way possible and hopefully making people smile! We are planning to stick around forever!

9) Would you like to write a song/an album of a different genre?

Absolutely, throughout the years I´ve written music of a lot of different genres like, Death Metal, Black Metal, Power Metal, Groove Metal, Heavy Metal. I’ve also written a synth album, ambient music for art shows, classical music, country music, grindcore, classic guitar. But I´ve always wanted to write an old school hip hop album or a reggae album, that’s something I´ve never done so that would be pretty sweet, and hopefully not suck (haha).

10) If you had the opportunity, who would you write a song with?

Oh, there are several of them and of course they all are enormously better songwriters than me so I can bask in their glory (haha)! Michael Jackson, no one can deny that he was an amazing talent. But Tom Delonge from Angels and Airwaves, he is pretty rad! Nergal from Behemoth, he is very good on what he does. And Brad Paisley, he would kick my a** in chicken picking so that would be killer.

Thanks for everything and see you soon.

And thank you!

By Roberta Rustico